New Moon Poster Leaked Online (Real one)


It’s real!  The New Moon poster has been leaked online.  Enjoy girls!  What do you think?


  1. i love iiit 🙂

  2. doesn’t look as good as the fan made ones, actually.

  3. Maddy Shannon Kennedy Holtfreter says:

    This is swell…
    we like this
    edward looks hot
    we think that it is an awesome idea to see bellas scar showing in the poster
    can not wait until eclipse
    Loves it
    Biggest Fans ever
    Trust me
    xx Maddy and Shannon

  4. Maddy Shannon Kennedy Holtfreter says:


  5. OMG!!!

  6. Cristina says:

    I simply love it sooooo much….. just can’t wait for the movie (in potugal)

  7. I loveeee itttt

  8. I love it! Can’t wait for the movie to come out! Will Jacob’s hair be short in the actual movie? Because I think Taylor Lautner looks way better with that hair than the long hair he had in the first movie.

    Michelle Kuo’s last blog post..I’m a lame blogger -__-

  9. Kristina says:

    Oh it’s fantastic! I cannot wait for the movie!!

  10. tiffany santiago says:

    i think this poster is terrible. this story isnt about a love triangle and i HATE how summit is tryng to push taylor/jacob on us. ths story isnt about jacob!! its about bella dealing with the whole edward situaton!! bella should not look like she has gotten over edward. shes supposed to b sad. in this poster it looks like shes in love with FAILCOB(wat team edward fans call jacob). summit has absolutley butchered new moon. i REFUSE to watch it now. BTW I LOVE U ROBBB<33

  11. I love Jacob so I’m really excited to see more of him!!!! 🙂

  12. Tamara B. says:

    OMG why is Bella holding on to the wolf guy and Edward! My daughter is going to freak out when she gets home from school!

  13. Hahaha, it reminds me how much I hate Jabob. I think this poster is great!


  15. Love the poster! Can’t wait for the movie! I sooo love Edward but Jacob was there for her when Edward was not.

  16. Lori Barnes says:

    I LIKE…which i would rather see Bella with Edward. Cannot wait for the movie!!!!

  17. I agree with the comment that this is not about Jacob. Summit is pushing the wrong angle here. Why are they making this a love triangle? Just because girls think Taylor is hot is no reason to change the whole premise of the books. The movies and posters should still be about Bella and Edward.

  18. i dont no what u guys r talking bout but shes jus wit jacob becuz he was there for her when edward left they arent trying to change the book n stephanie meyer is watch them make the movie wouldnt u think she would of said something bout how they made the movies u guys r just hatin on how they made the movie n tiffany santiago dont watch the movie who cares u think what u want n others will think what they want

  19. i think that it is good but it could be better. and where is the scar i can’t see it

  20. i agree with BJ and Tiffany Santiago. Bella doesn’t love Jacob like that. (And I sooooooo disagree with people who think Taylor Lautner is hot! Well I mean yeah he is kinda but Robert Pattinson is like THE hottest guy ever!) Summit shouldn’t be pushing Jacob/Taylor on to us like that. Bella loves Edward and she always will. They make it seem like she’s gotten over him but she hasn’t. She doesn’t seem sad there… she should be. But i still can’t wait for the movie!!!

  21. omg!! ugh i hate edward! jacob is hot and soooooooooo right for bella! 🙂

  22. i think they should of chosen a different bella because i have seen movies with her in them and she acts the same. but i still can’t wait till the movie comes out because i loved reading all the books and when edward left bella i cried and almost didn’t finish reading the books cuz it made me so sad.

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