If you were me and lived in…..By Carole Roman
Below are four children books in a new series written by author Carole Roman that introduces children about cultures around the world.

About the Author: Carol Roman is a former teacher turned businesswoman. She successfully ran a successfully run business with her husband.

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In each book, the author focuses in on the culture of one country in our world. The author states that these books are perfect for kids from Pre-K to age eight. These books are geared towards children and their experiences living in the countries. She bases her theme as, “If you were me and lived in France, (or whatever country the book is about) your home would be here in Western Europe.” She then describes the many foods, activities, customs, famous landmarks, etc. These books are well written with great pictures and easy for kids to understand. These books will grab the interest of any child.

IfYouWereMeAndLivedInFrance-300x300In this book, she has a picture of a globe and points to where France is located. Kids will learn that the capital is Paris, that you pay for things in Eros, some of the popular foods, popular kids names or as sports you may play in France. The book says that you may visit the Eiffel Tower or how you will celebrate the fourteenth of July because it is known as the French National Day. This book has many beautiful illustrations and fascinating facts in this books. Kids will not realize that they are actually learning!


You learn that Mexico is in the southern part of North America. You will learn what the capital of Mexico is. There are colorful pictures of an outdoor market and of the famous landmarks in Mexico. The book talks about the language in the country of Mexico and what the names are of things in the Mexican language. Kids learn about what other kids did for fun, the Mexican holidays and much more!portugal

Similar to the other books in this series, the book shows a picture of the world globe and points out the location of Portugal. Like the other books, the illustrations are great and will capture the child’s interest about the book. This book is neat as one of the pictures is actually a photograph snap shot of a famous landmark. Kids learn about the food, holidays, traditions and culture of Portugal, much like the other books.


Norway-300x300So you wonder where Norway is? The author again shows you where Norway is on the map. Norway is a northern country and you will read about the many cool winter activities. In this book, kids continue to learn about the customs, language and culture of Norway!

Books By Carole Roman

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