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Going Green with Compost



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The “go green” concept has certainly been prevalent in most aspects of personal and business society in the last several years. Most new building constructions take into account environmentally friendly building codes and requirements and those buildings already in place are often being renovated to meet new standards and expectations for emissions, cleanliness, waste disposal and more.

I have seen recently that a lot of businesses and homes are starting to use toilet composters as a way to protect against water contamination and to improve waste disposal efficiency given that most of what we flush is water. This seems like a fairly wise investment, despite the likelihood of a slightly larger investment in your toilet bowl and waste disposal expenses.

In gardens and fields, there are many tools and processes that are being added or revamped in order to be more environmentally friendly with garden compost. New garden composter equipment is being used for composting so that you can transform your garden waste into rich, organic soil fuel of live nutrients that are better for growing than any other types of store-bought dirt and soil mixes you could find.

Another intriguing way to transform your compost into rich soil is through the use of so called worm farms. These are compost containers and equipment that rely on worms to speed up the composting process and quickly provide you with rich and nutrient-rich soil. There are many environmental conscious companies that have begun turning to this type of composting including IKEA, one of the most outspoken environmentally aware companies around.

Whichever direction you go for garden composting, you are not only helping the environment, but you are also benefiting from more nutrient rich soil, better garden success, and more organic-like products.  If you own a business or can afford it for your home, you should also consider other opportunities like toilet composting.


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