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 From Daughter to Woman Parenting girls safely through their Teens – Divided into three parts, Kim’s book starts with the approach of puberty, proceeds through the chaos of adolescence, and finishes with a celebration of the young woman-to-be. Kim deftly shows how mothers can guide their daughters, from how to lay good foundations for healthy relationships through the teen years, to figuring out who they are and managing their wild and magnificent moods. The book includes four sections speaking directly to the girls, giving mothers the language to talk about puberty, periods, romance and depression. It ends with a how-to guide for creating a rite of passage to celebrate a girl’s coming of age.

This book aims to make the teen’s journey just that bit safer, kinder, and better supported – so parents and teens can enjoy the teenage years more.

The teen years are tough – for teens and for parents. Many parents dread the moodiness, dishonesty, preference of friends over family, exam stress, and the push for greater independence. Mothers have a pivotal role to play; this is a guidebook for parents and mothers of girls in particular as they navigate the rocky teenage landscape with their daughters aged 8 to 18. It aims to help them embrace the potential of their child’s teenage years by marking this time of growing maturity for girls and celebrating it with them. We celebrate birth, marriage and death, but this important life-transition from child to young adult is nowadays rarely acknowledged within an appropriate community.

Title Information
Title: From Daughter to Woman
Author: Kim McCabe
Release Date: 18th July
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Little Brown Books
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About the Author

Kim McCabe is the founder of Rites for Girls. As the originator and facilitator of Girls Journeying Together groups, she offers guidance to preteen and teen girls and simultaneous support for their mothers. In training other women to facilitate these groups, her dream is that every girl grows up expecting to be supported and celebrated in adolescence. Kim was commissioned to write a section in Steve Biddulph’s latest best-selling book, 10 Things Girls Need Most: To Grow Up Strong and Free.

Kim is a home-educating mother of two boys, one girl, two cats and a colony of aloe vera plants; she is wife to a Kiwi, daughter to itinerant parents, friend to a cherished few, and lover of time alone, too. She lives in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex. She sometimes shouts at her children, accidentally steps on the cat’s tail and forgets to water the plants, but she loves her work, her family and her life. She has always had deep affinity with teenage girls, and by sharing her wisdom and compassion she infects the reader with her enthusiasm for this life stage.

You’re ruining my life!

“Yes, but that’s my job!” As parents it’s our duty to take care of our children and that sometimes means stopping them from doing what they want. Not ruining their life but taking care of their life.

We don’t need to be their best friends. We do need to guide them and keep them safe and that sometimes means saying ‘no’. So inevitably there will be times when they don’t like us or the influence we have over their lives. That’s fine, we can live with that.

Actually, those teens who all their friends envy because their parents give them loads of freedom will often admit to not feeling held. They don’t want restrictions, but they say it might make them feel more cared for. Parents who try to please their children are not appreciated. All that stuff about boundaries is true, children of all ages want them. As long as they’re age-appropriate, it makes them feel safe. It gives them something to push against. It gives you something to negotiate over as they get older. You’re still going to try to curb their worst excesses, but you will be handing over to them responsibility for their lives.

What you say to your child becomes her inner voice. So, what do you say? And in what tone of voice? That’s what she’s going to be taking with her into her adult life. Quite a thought, isn’t it.

It’s a tough job being a parent. Being strong and loving and firm and kind. Parenting a teen calls on you to grow up and be the adult in your interactions with her. That can be life changing… for both of you.

By Kim McCabe, author of From Daughter to Woman, parenting girls safely through their teens, published by Robinson on 18th July

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