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I have been reading different websites and picked up some photography books this week.  The best advice given over and over from the professional photographers is:  PRACTICE.  Take a picture every day.  The other piece of advice.  Know your camera manual.  Ha, that is the boring part right?

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I started the free online photography course and it is quite a big deal.  I’m so happy to be a part of it and wanted to share the link with you.  The classes are being taught by the best and this is a great opportunity for people who don’t have the resources or the time to take photography classes.  Creative Live has spent a lot of time developing the technology and getting the best teachers to share their love and knowledge of photography.  I am taking Fundamentals of Digital Photography taught by John Greengo.  It airs every Wednesday from 1-3 P.M. central time.  It is free, no strings attached.  I am not being paid to write any of this either, I want to spread the word.  I am thrilled I stumbled across this amazing resource and a brand new wannabe.

I have been practicing taking pictures at the park on Saturday (along with many more bad ones), with my Nikon D40.  I took them in A (aperture mode).  I spiced them up a bit with Curves in Sepia tones( and loved it!


Photography makes a great hobby The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Photography is a great place to start.




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  1. Thanks! You didn’t miss much, just an introduction. This week is the good stuff:)

  2. Thank you Chelle!! I feel the same way. We should share tips!

  3. Thanks for the tip on the on-line class.

    I’ve been a Nikon fan from way back. I switched over from my FE to the D40X a couple of years ago, but haven’t forced myself to spend the time with it… since it takes such great shots in auto mode straight out of the box. Perhaps this will push me to “play” this summer.

    One thing I found valuable when I was still shooting film was taking the photography class at the local high school’s adult ed program. It was fairly cheap, but allowed me the opportunity to meet other photographers in the area and find out some of their favorite haunts.

  4. momznite says:

    Sweet photos! Thanks for letting us know about the free online classes. There is one called Vision-Driven Photography coming up in July.

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