Five Life-Changing Children’s Books

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There are so many lessons that we are able to learn from Children’s Books. Even from a young age, avid readers will be able to comprehend and appreciate some of the more difficult parts of life. If we’re lucky we will run across books that will help us to find our way through the good times, and the bad, and some of them before we even begin school. Here are a few of the best books to teach children some of the biggest lessons that they will have to learn in life.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

By Crockett Johnson

This charming book is short, sweet, and to the point. It explores the depth of imagination of one small boy with a crayon. He begins harold purple crayonhis adventure in his own room, and wants to go for a walk in the moonlight. When he realizes that there is no moon, he takes it upon himself to draw one. From here, his journey continues as he creates a world of his own, limited only by the cope of his own imagination, and the time he has left before bed. This book is a wonderful way to teach children that they are in control of their own lives, from a very young age.



The Giving Tree

By Shel Silverstein

the giving treeOne of the most profound books ever written for children, The Giving Tree manages to cover so many emotional issues in one small story. It touches on love, growing up, sharing, selfishness, selflessness, forgiveness, and happiness, all within the pages of one simply written story about a tree and her favorite little boy. It is a timeless book that can be reintroduced at many stages of development, as a child reaches more and more understanding of the concepts dealt with in the pages of this magical little book.


Bridge to Terabithia

By Katherine Paterson

bridge toIf we were lucky, this book was our first introduction to the heartache that follows the loss of a loved one. When Jess meets Leslie, they form a friendship and a bond that can never be broken. In a world they create from their own imaginations, they deal with many of the struggles of adolescence. When Jess learns that Leslie has died in a tragic accident, he must find a way to move on and to heal, and manages to do so while honoring her memory, and keeping it alive by sharing their magical world with another.


  The Giver

By Lois Lowry

This dark and sometimes depressing story is a fascinating exploration of the relationship between sorrow and happiness. In a world the giverdevoid of all emotion, a young boy is given the “gift” of memories, and learns to experience joy, but also sadness. In an attempt to reduce suffering, this community was created, and while no-one suffers, it is also a bland existence, where people have no joy in their lives.

Jonas winds up leaving the community, in hopes of changing things for both himself and the people he has learned to love.


   My Side of the Mountain

By Jean Craighead George

What kid hasn’t thought about running away? While most kids think about it, most don’t follow through. This is a story about a boy who did run away; and succeeded in surviving and building a life for himself. While the book is full of useful tips about survival, it my side of the mountainalso makes the point that he knew a lot more about living off the land than most kids do. This book uniquely allows children to vicariously experience the thrill of running away, while also showing them the dangers of doing so. It’s an inspiring story about courage, independence, and choosing your own path.

These stories, and many others, can help teach children about some of the hardest lessons in life, preparing them for dealing with heartache, while also encouraging them to do the right thing, move forward in life, and to appreciate the good things when they come along.


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