“Are you the One” that folks is without a doubt the most important line in the entire book and most likely the basis for the sequels to come.
Dragon Defender introduces us to the secret society of the DDL. The DDL? Gotta read the book to find that out.This book is an adventure that keeps building till the end. Quite honestly I thought it started a little slow but gets going fairly quickly.The depth of the characters is not quite what I like but it’s written with the young reader in mind and I think that’s what the author J.A. Blackburn had in mind while writing this adventure.Our main Character in the story is twelve year old Peter. He’s kind of the classic “Anti-Hero”
He’s unsure of himself,wonders how he got thrust into this role but is willing to go forward with this responsibility his heritage has thrust upon him. He goes from a lonely kid sitting at home one night to going nose to nose with a Dragon no less AND saving his new friends from a bunch of thugs with guns.Could be he’s got a little ” Frodo Baggins”in him . Along the way we meet Uncle Dominick, a little girl named Xana , Mario a poor Mexican orphan and of course the Cuelebre better know as Ix-Tub-Tun. Then there’s the assorted bad guys.
This is a very good read for a young reader. It will keep them interested all the way through and the good part is just when we’re getting to know the characters we come to the end with us wanting to know what happens next. Where will the DDL land and what is the next quest? The next in the series comes out later this year
“The Mountain of Ice and Fire”
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About the Author: J.A. Blackburn

J.A. Blackburn


J. A. Blackburn lives in Seattle, Washington in a small white house overlooking the sea with her husband, Jason, her son, Camden, and their dog, Bella. Dragon Defender is her first novel.

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About the Book

Title: Dragon Defender (Dragon Defense League, Book #1)

Author: J.A. Blackburn

Publication Date: October 19, 2013

Publisher: Pip & Grey

Number of pages: 242

Recommended age: 10+


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