If you love to read, then no doubt you’ve thought about turning your passion into a career. Sadly, there are very few jobs that allow you to read and study while still earning enough to pay your rent and bills. Fortunately, there are some jobs that combine reading, study and creativity to create some truly unique career opportunities for anyone that loves a good read. As Bill Gates put it, reading certain books can make you smarter, and that knowledge can be put to some incredible uses assuming you’re willing to branch out a little



Editors plan out material for various publications, be they digital or physical. Many editors also review proposals and deal with all kinds of literature or non-fictional writing. If you have a keen eye for good writing (and you enjoy a bit of writing yourself) then becoming an editor isn’t such a bad idea. However, the type of content you’ll be dealing with depends entirely on the people you work with. If you love short fictional pieces, then you’re better off editing a publication that specialises in indie writers. If you prefer non-fictional topics, then you’ll find plenty of editor positions on the internet at various websites. You need a great eye to correct grammar issues and you’ll have to work with writers to produce excellent content. Depending on the type of company you work with, this could be a freelance or remote work opportunity as well.




Psychology is a lot about recording data and analysing it to create conclusions. Much like any scientific field, psychology requires a lot of studying and a passion for reading. Much of the knowledge you’ll learn in psychology will come from older books and documentation that was written by people in the form of journals. However, you’ll also need to study a Master of Arts in Psychology to truly grasp the fundamentals. Once that hurdle is passed, you’ll have to start delving into the history of psychology and linking different sources to draw educated opinions on your patients or people that you work with.




If you love being surrounded by books of all kinds, then becoming a librarian might be your type of career. Being a librarian typically involves organizing the books so you can be a useful resource to visitors, and it sometimes involves acting as an organizer for events such as public signings. It may surprise you, but becoming a librarian actually requires a Masters degree, and from there you can apply for various jobs in the fields that you specialize in. It could be a school library, university library, business library or even art and music museums. You won’t be able to read much while you’re on the job, but you’ll be surrounded by all different types of literature and non-fictional writing as you do your daily activities.




Your love for reading has probably filled your mind with plenty of unique and amazing ideas that are just waiting to be utilized. People often say that there’s no such thing as an original idea, but if you’ve read hundreds of different books, your mind is bound to have a couple of ideas that are unique enough to become major hits. Of course, writing is completely different to reading and there are different skills involved in both. But as someone that loves reading, you’ll be able to write something that you personally enjoy and you’ll have a good chance of making a living as an author. Whether you write fictional pieces or non-fictional books, becoming an author is often seen as a dream job that many strive for but few reach.





If you love looking at historical data and analyzing various sources to produce and visualize data, then a historian’s job is for you. You’ll need an excellent eye for reading and you’ll need a passion for older texts as well. There are, of course, historians that specialize in different periods, but being more open to different subjects or themes will help you find work quickly. It’s important to use various sources and interpret them in order to find the true meaning of historical texts or to archive various important documents.




If you have a deep understanding of law and how it affects society, then becoming a lawyer will come naturally to you. Being involved in law frequently involves taking great care to analyse sources, documents and also reading up the law to determine which of them can be used in your favour. Lawyers can specialise in single fields such as business or medicine, but they can also be broad in what they understand. Since laws can be incredibly complicated, it makes sense to specialise in a single field before making the jump to something that covers a wider spectrum.




Blogging is a viable career choice thanks to the internet. What you write about on your blog is entirely up to you, but the most obvious choice is blogging as a book reviewer. If you read plenty of books and have an analytical, funny or curious personality, then you can infuse your blog writing with your own personal style and create wonderful articles, reviews and blog posts that detail your thoughts. Freelance writing would be a more suitable title (not just blogger) since if you’re capable of writing book reviews, then there are no doubt plenty of people on the internet who would be more than willing to pay you to write content for their websites.




As you can see, a passion for reading can lead to many surprising careers if you’re willing to branch out a little and see what there is to offer. Regardless of what career you pick, all of these choices will allow you to express your passion for reading. Whether it’s writing reviews for your favourite (or least favourite) books, blogging about what you feel the next big thing will be or reading through scientific journals to discover something new, allow your passions to speak for themselves and get yourself a career doing something you love.

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