Humanity has been decimated by by an alien virus. Some have become monsters, a few have remained human, and far too many are dead. A vaccine saves a remnant of humanity and they begin to rebuild, taking on new names to represent their new lives and their hope of a better future.

Isabella Thanatos, Beautiful Death to the people of New Olympia, is a killing machine who has dedicated her life to protecting her people. Athens, her city, is the jewel in the crown of the civilization they’ve built off of the ruins of their old lives and she won’t let any monster run loose in her city except Hades, the seductively beautiful alien whose people loosed the virus on humanity and caused their ruin. He is a welcome visitor and sits on the city council–but not by her choice. He missed his opportunity to kill her long ago, but she won’t miss hers.

When Isabella discovers she’s been mysteriously contaminated with the virus, she knows she should kill herself before she becomes the very thing she hates. Fearing for her people but desperate to find out how and why she was contaminated before she has to die, Isabella runs to the only one who can help her, the monster Hades.

Outside the city she discovers that everything she was taught is a lie. There is no chaos, the contaminated live in harmony with humans, what Hades wants to do to her–with her–doesn’t include death, and the city she loves is controlled by a monster in the guise of a man.


If you have read any of my past book reviews, then you would know that Beautiful Death isn’t the typical genre of book that I normally read.  But, I am really happy to say I did enjoy reading it.  Beautiful Death is a fast-paced science fiction, action, and romance book, all in one. There is a love/hate relationship between the main characters, Isabella and the monster Hades, that reminded me of the movie characters Mr. and Mrs. Smith (and that’s a good thing!)   But I must warn that the love scenes are definitely R-rated.  Joely Sue Burkhart has woven together several plot lines that come together in a touching ending. The story also has elements of Greek Mythology.   Joely has a gift of great imagination, including the apocalyptic future world that she created.  I could even see this book as a movie. Starring Mr and Mrs.Smith of course!   I think you would enjoy Beautiful Death as much as I did.  You can find more at Burkhart’s blog or website.  You can read an excerpt of Beautiful Death here   

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