FiremenOkay,  I HAD to tell you this story.  I was picking up my son from school yesterday which is a Christian school, so it’s about twenty minutes from our house by taking the highway.  As I was turning a corner, just before I was getting on the highway, my car just quit.  Guess where it happened to quit…. can you tell where this story is going?  And just guess who happened to be standing outside but a big group of FIREMEN!  My car was in the middle of the street and cars were whizzing by getting mad.  As if in slow motion, they all turned at once and came jogging over.  sigh, I am a happily married lady, but who in their wildest dreams could ever imagine being grateful their car broke down.  in front of a firestation.  filled with firemen in the parking lot.   Well, they pushed my car into their lot, I got some help, and that’s my story.  I swear!  Thanks guys!

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