AlphaTots Educational iPad Apps 4th of July Weekend Sale


Happy 4th of July Weekend everyone. I love to share deals on stuff I like and Spinlight is having an iphone/ipad app sale this weekend. All of their cute and educational apps are on sale. Swapsies Pocket is free and everything else for less — including the latest pocket releases of our best-selling educational apps now and for a limited time.
















Swapsies™ Pocket is FREE!!!

Since their release, both AlphaTots and TallyTots have made the Top 100 list of all iPad apps selling in the U.S. App Store and the Top 100 list of paid education apps in 30 different countries around the globe. So we’re really excited to introduce them to the iPhone/iPod market.

To learn more about the new pocket versions of either of these best-selling educational apps, visit or download them today from the iTunes App Store.


  1. Karrie Millheim says:

    This would be great for my little one

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