Little Gemma

              and the Wooden Shoe

Microsoft Surface Book 3

By Mary Jacobs



Granny Goody and Little Gemma live in a cabin at the very edge of the woods. Despite being very poor, they were happy and despite Gemma having no toys to play with she learned to amuse herself by mimicking the birds and talking to the stars.
gemmaOne day, as Christmas approached, Little Gemma and Granny went to town. Gemma saw the shops with the wonderful toys in the windows and wondered if she would get one this year. But when she asked Granny about it all she would say was, ‘we’re too poor for Christmas.’
But Little Gemma wouldn’t be put off and on Christmas Eve she decorated the small cabin and placed a wooden shoe on the windowsill, in the hope that the Christmas angels would see it and she would be rewarded with a gift.
And in the morning, when Gemma checked the shoe, sure enough there was something there. But what do you think it is?
An enchanting children’s story, filled with vibrant images and a lesson that young children will love to hear, over and over again.


Little Gemma and the Wooden Shoe



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