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Mikey Woz  and Sara Panchaud

Oh, what a different world we live in now.

Mikey Woz has written a children’s picture book that describes a period of history, in which all world citizens must quarantine due to a Covid.  Mikey and Sara shows and tells us in words and pictures how children and adults are learning and coping .How we are still trying to learn new things and stay quarantinewell and safe during a time in history that could lead and may still lead to issues.

There are two characters in this picture book that find ways to keep themselves occupied while in quarantine .  Mikey does keep to the basic guidelines and rules of living during the pandemic.  Sara has drawn pictures, as if and how a child would draw pictures.  I have many favorite illustrations that get the fine points across of living in a state of quarantine. They show both   the good and the bad when having to stay inside.

Mikey has written ‘when the world stays inside’ as a form of epic poem for a lack of a better term, as each page seem to be a stanza of a poem.  (Very Dr Seuss like).The cover art and the title that does not capitalize the words shows how little kids may see the issue of the book.  Sara’s pictures show from the first page of a globe to the end with an older version of the characters .We will remember that this time in quarantine was not as bad as it seemed.  Mikey and Sara gives readers a way of finding out what our individual talents may be that may or have not happened if the pandemic had not occurred and kept ourselves in our homes.  This is also a picture book that reminds us of the basic rules from wearing masks, social distancing, and proper hygiene.

 This is a good picture book for day care through primary grades to teach health and safety lessons.  During the lessons caregivers and teachers will define the terms: pandemic, quarantine, and social distancing and demonstrate proper hygiene, as how wash their hands and what to do when they sneeze or cough


When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe in March 2020, families everywhere were forced to retreat indoors and Mikey Woz was inspired to do something that would help families cope with life in isolation.

The result is When the World Stays Inside, a sit-down- on-the-couch and snuggle with your kids good read that examines the power of creativity and the importance of cherishing the precious time spent with the people we love.

Filled with whimsical illustrations from artist Sara Panchaud, and memorable Suessian prose written by Woz, When the World Stays Inside is a heart-warming family read-together book that will provide inspiration for every stormy day indoors for years to come


About the Author

Mikey Woz is a first-time children’s author based on Prince Edward Island, where he lives with his wife and puppy. He also owns a floating pizza restaurant in his hometown, Charlottetown, and helps small businesses with their local marketing.

Mikey loves trying new things and bringing fresh ideas to life. So when COVID-19 struck, he felt compelled to write a story that would speak to families all across the world. He hopes that people will remember this global event for the precious time it provided us to spend with the people we love.






ISBN:  978-1-77136-884-1
31 pages


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