Violet Peapod Baby Sleepsacks Review

One of the products I am most looking forward to using with my little one is the Violet Peapod baby sleepsack. This very unique product comes from a company that has catered to many celebrity moms in Los Angeles and has now gained a reputation as an industry leader in uniquely designed high quality baby sleep sacks.

My baby sleepsack has a very adorable design known as “International Smiles” as it depicts were well-designed faces of people from all around the world representing a diverse range of ethnic groups. Along with the brilliant design, the sleepsacks are extremely well made. The sacks are constructed with 100% natural materials (cotton and wool) so I know my baby will feel very comfortable and secure.  The only potential setback for the sleepsacks is the $54 price tag.  However, if you can afford it, the quality and design are well worth it.

As the company name implies, the baby sleepsacks are designed in a peapod shape.  The company is owned and operated in the San Francisco Bay area.

More about the Violet Peapod Baby Sleepsack

Violet’s Peapod specializes in natural fabrics and fun, whimsical prints, including kimono-clad kids and smiling children from around the world. The zippered sacks, some of which are reversible, are made of a 100% cotton shell with a 100% superwashed wool filling. These comfy alternatives to crib blankets provide year-round comfort, since the fabric wicks moisture away from the body in summer and insulates nicely in winter. Violet’s Peapod was extremely selective when choosing the fabrics for their sleep sacks, because precious babies deserve the very best!

Officially launched in February of 2008, Violet’s Peapod was created by a mom who was on a personal quest for beautiful, heirloom-quality baby sleep sacks for her baby-on-the-way, Violet. Amazed at the lack of quality and choice available in the marketplace, this San Francisco Bay Area mom decided to take matters into her own hands and designed what she considered to be the ideal baby sleep sack. Owner Lennore Merz is a mother of two, and is thrilled to fulfill her lifelong dream of owning her own business. Her infectious enthusiasm for her product line is apparent whenever she does business, especially when she presents her sleep sacks at baby fairs throughout California.

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