The Wondrous world of Alyssa By Sarah Khan : A Personalized Book




cover_alyssaA unique book that shows kids how special they are by using the kids letters in his or her name to list different character traits.  The little girl in the book goes on a magical journey in the forest and meets many different animals and people.   Each character that the little girl meets have a story or problem and the girl helps each one and each character states a character trait with a letter in the girl’s name.  

Adults can go to the website-  and order a personalized book for their child.  The parent writes what her son or daughter’s name is and a book will be created about your child and will talk about what their name means.   The book has a cute storyline for kids and colorful illustrations that they will enjoy.  I read this story with my daughter and she loved the book.  She liked spelling her name as she read the book and liked reading about what trait went with that letter in her name.

Also at the end of the story there is a code that will allow kids to go on the book’s website and read a bonus book.  There is also a short quiz for kids to take to test their memory recall of the story.  Such an unique and special book for kids to read about how special he or she is!

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