The Mentalist Season Three DVD: The Horse Whisperer

mentalist logoSeason 3 of The Mentalist, Patrick appears to be able to communicate with horses as a ‘horse whisperer’, charm guilty culprits into spilling their secrets and help a hired burglar out of a holding cell in less than 24 hours. I think it would be fun to read people’s minds like Patrick.  I think his skill at “reading peoples minds” is something that anyone can learn to do with practice. It is a combination of great listening skills, simple tricks and knowing people. It would be even better to get paid, like Patrick, for that skill. I know there are many detectives that do interrogations that have been trained in this skill.

I did a little research and learned their training consists of learning and using the power of suggestion, facial expressions, body language and predictability just to name a few. There are a certain group of questions which can be asked and the answers predict what they may be looking for. Then the detectives will combine the answers with the suspect’s reaction and body language. I would love to take a class myself. What about you? What part of The Mentalist’s job would you like to try the most?  Make sure to pre-order your copy of The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season on DVD here today!

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