The Closer Complete Season Six Now on DVD

the closerThe final season of The Closer starts July 11th on TNT . You can catch up with last year’s season which is now out on DVD. I will be sad to see The Closer end this year. I have been a fan since season one and am attached to all of the characters. They are a talented cast of actors. Who is your favorite cast member?


Moving up? The LAPD is looking for a new chief and Will Pope thinks he has the inside track. He soon has an unexpected rival for the job: Brenda (Best Actress Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Kyra Sedgwick). And Brenda has an unexpected ally helping groom her for the selection process: Capt. Raydor. The contest for chief is only one of the ingenious, suspenseful, often funny storylines that makes Season Six of The Closer stellar entertainment. Join the squad as Sanchez looks after an orphaned boy, Tao goes undercover as a biker dude, Provenza and Flynn date airline attendants (turns out one of them has a corpse in her bathtub) and Brenda finds her family Christmas rudely interrupted by crime.

The DVD has a terrific Bonus Features.

Script to Screen: Making Episode 3 In Custody
Kyra Sedgwick opens up about The Closer
Police Files: Unaired Scenes
– Gag Reel

I especially like the Gag Reel because it gives me more insight into the fun personalities of the actors who play very serious characters. They are funny and playful with each other and seem to be a very close cast. Make sure to Pre-order your copy of The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season on DVD here today!

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Closer Sixth Season on DVD.”

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