The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy 


I know a certain little girl (who shall remain Nameless) She is 4 years old and on her first trip to the Dentist it was discovered she had Eight! count em’ 8 cavities. Oh my what would the Tooth Fairy think? Now if you were to multiply this sad occurrence by the millions of little boys and girls all over the world. Well needless to say it’s very easy to understand the predicament the Tooth Fairy is faced with ( yes the Tooth Fairy , you probably don’t believe in Santa either).

The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy is a short paperback that every child should read or have read to them. We all know the drill. You lose a tooth it goes under your pillow and when you wake up *POOF* there’s money in it’s place. Until one day a little girl or boy wakes up and finds an I.O.U…. Uh Oh! What did you think the Tooth Fairy had an endless supply of Cash? A machine that prints money perhaps. No just like any other enterprise there are limits and even she has to answer to the “Big Wigs” at the top.

This is a fun and entertaining look at the behind the scenes goings on in Fairy Land. We see what could very well happen if the mitoothfairyllions of little boys and girls around the world don’t take care of their teeth and don’t eat right. We see the adventure “Sparkle” ( That’s the Tooth Fairies Name by the way) is sent on to get to the bottom of this mystery. With the help of her new friend Anne (a little girl who lost four teeth in one go!) they investigate the problem then go on a media blitz to fix it.That all I will say. No spoilers here.This book is a very fun book for young kids learning about their teeth the Dentist and why we need to limit the SWEET’S.

Every page written in rhyme it’s very easy for kids to read while teaching a very important message for not only children but Mom and Dad too.The book ends with some very important and helpful tips on the care of your teeth…
and would make a great Stocking Stuffer  The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy
Did you know before toothpaste was invented people cleaned their teeth with charcoal and ground up chalk? WHO KNEW!

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Carolyn Mandache is a children’s author who lives in Scotland, with her husband and children. She earned a BA in English Lit and Sociology from Strathclyde University . Carolyn also has an HND in Graphic Design and is able to use her talents in both drawing and creative writing, Carolyn has four children of her own inspired who often inspire her writing
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