I wanted to mention a fun free book polling site you might want to put on your radar to try out sometime.  Natasha from Poll the People.com  contacted me and wanted to encourage book lovers to come to her site to list their top five books.  Book lovers love to brag about their favorite books,  I know I do!  Natasha shared with me she is an English Lit student and this site collects people’s top 5s and  compiles the list, the idea stemming from frustration  at various  tv/press polls which claim to be authoritative but are actually  gathered by a few opinionated journalists.  They list author’s top five lists too which I am always wanting to know myself.  She said she just got back Audrey Niffenegger’s top five list!  Another cool thing about the site is once you list your top five books you will be given a list of other’s with similar choices and maybe find some great recommendations.  I just looked and the top ten books right now are a mix of new and classics.  Oh and they also list favorites in movies and many other categories!

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