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mouseI had to share what I found on my six year old son’s door this morning. I wonder if his older brother (who is 16 by the way) was mean to him yesterday? I also wondered where he got the idea. Too Funny! I love how everyday is something new with little ones.  Do you have a similar story? Should I let him leave it up?


  1. LOL! My son has done something similar. My son is 6 and our niece is 5. She came to spend the night one time and she was going to sleep in his room. Well, she wouldn’t be quiet and settle down and he was getting annoyed. The next day we found out that she was saying stuff about a ghost or something and it was scaring him. So a couple of days later I found a picture of a “scary” face he had drawn and taped to his door. He said he put it there so she wouldn’t want to go in his room again. LOL!

  2. Aw, leave it up… lol.

    Sammi, my oldest, who was also 16 at the time, wrote a list of room rules on notepaper, then taped it on her door. The last rule said, “No one except MOM allowed when I’m not here!”
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  3. Jacqueline in Atlanta says:

    It’s great. Yes, let him leave it up. It gives him a feeling of control when he has obviously been feeling no control. It is also allowing him to express himself where he otherwise probably gets yelled down or out argued by the bigger sibling.

    Perhaps give him about 3 days to get over the initial feelings explosion and then ask, “Do you want to talk about the note on your door?” If he says NO, you can still leave the door open with “I understand. But I am always here if you decide you want to talk. If you ever need to confront your brother about something but want a third person in the room as a mediator, I can do that, too.”

    Then maybe later, you get to explain what a mediator is/does. Who knows. It may just all blow over by itself. You never know with boys. Girls are a whole different ballgame.

    Good luck.

    (Oh, if you find the note in the trash later, pull it out and save it for the scrapbook – ha) –jg

    • Such great advice! Are you a counselor? Thanks so much for taking the time to comment about this for me! I really appreciate it! and LOL, i do plan to keep it.

  4. Lauralee Hensley says:

    It’s not mean, it’s just implying boundaries to your older son. He doesn’t want him in his room.

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