Lavendar Lab and Sleep Sheep Reviews

Cloud B is a leading provider of quality children’s toys that are intended to help your children sleep better. I am excited to share with two very cool products that I received for review. One is the Lavender Lab and the other is the Sleep Sheep.

The Lavender Lab is a very cute and cuddly puppy with a purple ribbon and nose. One of the softest stuffed animals you’ll find, the sleeping lab is unique in that it comes with a tremendously wonderful smell of lavender. This is one of the most pleasurable and gentle smells imaginable!

The Sleep Sheep is supposed to be a combination stuffed animal and sleep soother. It hangs from your crib by a velcro strap and it plays soothing music that you can set with a timer to help your baby go to sleep. I have already found use for it though. My pending newborn likes to do cartwheels in my time ritually at 11PM every night. I have place the sheep next to my tummy to help calm and sooth him, and I swear it has worked!

These are just a couple of the great products you can find from Cloud B! Visit their website to see more.  I previously reviewed their Twilight Turtle, which has served my 5 year old well as a friendly night light.

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