Kyle’s Little Sister


Written and Art by:  BonHyung Jeong

My name is Grace, not “Kyle’s little sister!”

What would our world look like without our siblings?  Sure they do bug us sometime but like they say you can’t chose your family.

‘Kyle’s Little Sister’ is a graphic novel for young middle school readers written and illustrated by BonHyung Jeong.  This is a novel based on the television show of the same name.  ‘Kyle’s Little Sister’ is the story of Grace, Kyle’s little sister and how she tries to fit in as herself, as she starts a new school and tries to make friends with anyone.  ‘Kyle’s Little Sister’ is a graphic novel for middle school readers who are learning and surviving living with a sibling who attend the same school.  It is a chapter book that is a fast read and quite fun to read even for adults who would like to remember their school days with siblings.  There are plenty of lessons for the readers to learn on how to make friends in the proper ways as well as the wrong ways and learning the difference between the two ways.  The art work throughout this novel was able to show the emotions of all the various characters from Grace to Kyle to all their individual friends in the various situations that they are involved.

‘Kyle’s Little Sister’ is a novel that could be used by school counselors/social workers as a part of a ‘Friendship group’ that could discuss sibling rivalry and how to make friends in a proper way.  Counselors and social workers could also make use of this novel as a lesson for a Parent education lesson on dealing with siblings.



About The Author

BonHyung Jeong (Bon) studied Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and Kyle’s Little Sister is her debut graphic novel, made possible with the help of numerous people. She hopes to make connections with others through relatable stories. Currently living in Korea, she’s always busy playing console games – exactly like someone in the book!

ISBN:  978-1-9753-1654-9  paperback
JY  Yen Press, LLC
206 pages

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