Identity Swap :The Card People 2


  (Second in the trilogy of The Card People)

James Sulzer
ISBN:  978-0-9998089-4-8
Fuze Publishing
247 pages
“Who’s ready for another card game?”  ‘Identity Swap’ is another trip into nanotechnology. Paul continues his journey into his father’s work in a way. This is the second installment of this new trilogy of ‘The Card People‘. In this part Paul has a change of appearance because of his father’s discovery and invention.  Paul gets to work with his friends once again and one in particular named Jack and another named Brinda.  The story had a lot of interesting tidbits at least to me to lead me to learn more about nanotechnology, as on page 40 reading the comparison of analog and digital. Analog is like a brush and digital like a comb meaning that digital is more accurate. Another creative idea that James had was the invention of the manhole character thanks to nanodust and how he saw himself when brought to life.  Identity Swap is a story of what happens when nanotechnology and nanodust covers other objects and Paul will see things in a new light.
James Sulzer has once again used similes and metaphors in a fun and interesting way. James has also added as in the first book a reader’s guide and study guide to promote discussions that will increase and improve the reader’s thinking skills as well as their listening and oral communication skills.  James developed these learning questions to improve the student’s literal, application, synthesis and comprehension skills.  This is a book that will in my opinion will also increase student motivation to read and maybe even bring an interest in science and computers besides just playing games and listening to music.
James Sulzer has another five star read and I cannot wait to read the third book in this new trilogy for ‘Identity Swap’ is the as mentioned the second in a creative series. James is a very inventive and creative writer. Students, parents and teachers will enjoy these young adult middle school books.
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