Gossip Girl Season Four Now Available on DVD

gossip girls season fourCalling all Gossip Girl fans, the Season Four DVD is now available to add to your collection. You can re-live all of the romance before the new season starts. Are you are a “Dair” or “Chair” fan?

Relationships play a huge role in Gossip Girl. Chuck & Blair, the show’s most popular couple, have been on-and-off throughout the Gossip Girl series. They are consistently at ends with each other, but their love seems to have no bounds. However, as the season progresses, Blair begins to have feelings for her best friend Serena’s ex, Dan. In Season 4, Ep 18, The Kids Stay in the Picture, Chuck comes to the realization that he wants to win Blair back after she and Dan share a kiss.

I used to be a “Chair’ fan, but now I feel their relationship was too toxic. They were each others first love, but I don’t want to see them back together. The groundwork for a possible relationship with Dan has been worked out so well, and it would be a really interesting avenue to explore. Unlike other male leads, Dan seems like Blair’s intellectual equal, and they both seem to challenge each others previously held beliefs about life. Chuck still need to grow up in my opinion. So much relationship drama unfolds in the fourth season, available for pre-order here!” I’m excited to watch more of the drama of all of the relationships in season five.

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Gossip Girl Season Four on DVD/Blu-Ray.”



  1. Aw Tracy good call. I am also a Dair fan…huge one. in fact. 🙂 Hope you’re well!

  2. Hi Amy!! Great to hear from you sweetie:) I’m hanging in there, struggling a bit with my health lately. Hope you are well too. Yeah Dair fans!

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