Escalation of pop culture television

It is ironic, but pop culture and entertainers have become central characters in many of the new reality TV shows and entertainment television programs on TV. TMZ has contributed greatly to the revolution as a leading provider of celebrity happenings. This entertainment media power seems to be on the scene at the time anything major happens. Whether the news involves sharing the price of breast implants today because an actress has had surgery or telling us about the latest romances in Hollywood, entertainment media hunters are on top of anything involving A-list celebrities.

Entertainment Tonight is a 30 minute show that provides viewers with the latest news from celebrity land. It includes all the latest hookups, gossip surrounding recent and upcoming movie releases, the latest travels of top celebrities and much more. The show also gets great interviews with some of the top actors and entertainers in the business.

Gossip magazines are likely suffering a bit from the fact that much of the features they share cover news already available on the web and on television. Each night, these shows tell of the important pop culture happenings, sometimes just as they have happened.

This emphasis on the lives of celebrities has given them a voice in politics and society as well. Many take advantage of the opportunity to share their viewpoints on hot button issues. This can sometimes get them in trouble when their perspectives do not jive with the thoughts and beliefs of their fans. However, these types of controversies just demonstrate how much hyper attention is paid to TV talent because of the news shows and other entertainment products centered on them.

From a societal perspective, it may be cause for concern that we spend so much time invested in the lives of the people that bring us TV entertainment. But, the information has given us the tools to be closer to celebrities (in knowledge not distance) than ever.

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