I wanted to share with you an opportunity that has been presented to us whereby if you have any type of online presence, including a blog, website, MySpace, Facebook, etc., you can share an Ugg Boots button and then enter your name and email for a chance to win Ugg Boots.

The company is giving away a couple pair of boots every couple months and your initial entry will remain active for as long as the boot giveaway continues. Another great opportunity if you love Ugg is that every entrant automatically receives a 15% discount on the purchase of Ugg boots. Pretty simple… share your Ugg love and get a great discount and a chance to win great boots.

Microsoft Surface Book 3

To enter:

contest over

2) Follow the instructions on the page that introduce the 2 steps to entry: A) Get the code for the Ugg Boots button and B) Enter your name, email, and site into the form on the page

That’s it, you will be entered to win Ugg boots indefinitely and you can use the 15% discount!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway based on results of giveaway promotion


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