E-books or paper books?

Although I have often thought about this before, I am still torn between deciding whether to read electronic books or paper books. I mean, obviously e-books are extremely popular right now; in the tube you will hardly see anyone with a paper book in his/her hands. I feel that almost every third person in the tube has got a Kindle and therefore must like reading e-books.

The Hobbit e-bookI had to do some research on this topic so browsed webpages such as Amazon.com and SKOOB.com.sg. And there it was: the infinite list of cheap and easily downloadable e-books.  I was just overwhelmed by the amount of categories, ranging from Action & Adventure to Classics and Science Fiction to bestseller books that have been made into movies.

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There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both. Especially when I think about the feeling I get when I browse through a book store, touching the covers and smelling the paper, I start to think that e-books are not for me. I would miss the fact that I hold something in my hands to love and cherish. Moreover, paper books can just be so beautiful. If I think about the amazing cover pages of The Hobbit being so colourful and shiny, I do not think that The Hobbit
e-book by J.R.R. Tolkien can really compare in that sense.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo e bookThe stories of the author Stieg Larsson are another good example for why I prefer paper books over electronic ones. The latest success of Stieg Larsson is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
r-book, and the three volumes of the trilogy lie perfectly on my shelves at home. For me it is important to have them displayed, because every time that I look at the paper copies it reminds me of the time I was reading the book and along come the feelings. I think that this is a great advantage of paper books, for you keep experiencing a piece of the book even after you have read it.

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