You hear ads everyday about how easy it is to sell your extra cds, DVDS, even your old smart phones. Did you know that you can actually sell your old books too? Without even having to tote them all down to the book store.

You can simply jump online – there are multiple websites that you enter in the books’ code, and the website tells you how much they will offer you for it. After you are done compiling a list you can print off an shipping label, stick them in a box and send it away. They will then send you a check, and usually it only takes a couple days to process payment.

Different websites

Some websites are only for selling textbooks, so be sure you are at a website that accepts all books. Many of the websites you can sell your CDs on you can actually sell books online as well. Since there are multiple different options, it is usually best to do some research to find out who is the most reliable. You can also enter in your codes on a few different websites to see who is going to pay you the most. Typically they are all about the same but it could be worth it to check.

The best part

The best part of being able to sell all of your already read books online is of course the fast cash. However the whole process is fast. Enter code, print label, ship, get paid. You do not even have to leave your living room or log off of Facebook. Once they receive your shipment they process it and on average within 48 hours you have a check in the mail. The whole process just takes a few business days. And everyone loves a little extra cash.

Not so great part

There are many different websites that offer this service, but not all are quite so honest. That is why it is always smart to do a little research. Feel comfortable with the people you are doing business with. Depending on how many books you wish to send away, entering all of the codes could take a chunk of time and loading up the book could be a bit more laborious then you intended if you get a little code entry happy. And like any other avid reader, saying goodbye to your books can be an emotional event. Deciding which books you are not sentimentally attached to will be your first task, if you like the way the money is adding up you might have to dig into that pile or shelf to keep the money coming in.

Whether you just want to make a few bucks or you need to make room for more reading adventures, try out a few websites to see who you like more, what processes you are most comfortable with or maybe who is closest so the process goes faster.

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