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Microsoft Surface Book 3

Written by Sophie Deen and friends

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In cartoons, 0% of princesses are coders, boys are twice as likely to take the lead, 73% of characters have white Caucasian skin (compared to only 15%

Detective Dot Secret agent for the CIA, nine-year-old Dot loves all things tech. But, she knows having a smartphone means nothing if you don’t have a smart brain to use it!

of people in the world!), and 92% of female characters are underweight. That’s not right. Detective Dot, secret agent of the Children’s Intelligence Agency, is a role model who inspires kids to learn to code. Careers in STEM are for anyone; if anyone can get to the bottom of this nonsense and really make a change to this world, it’s kids.

In the book, you follow the adventures of nine-year-old coder and agent for the top-secret Children’s Intelligence Agency .Detective Dot and her companions, Drone and Tumble,  resist against teenage gazillionaire Shelly Belly, who puts profit before babies, kittens and people. Stuffed full of danger, gadgets and toilet humour, Dot helps kids aged 8+ get to grips with computer science.

“It’s not magic,” said Dot “Just code.”

Nine-year-old tech whizz Detective Dot has a dangerous new mission from the Children’s Intelligence Agency – investigate teenage gazillionaire Shelly Belly. Why are all her products so cheap, and where does she make them? Dot’s going to have to use all her coding skills, cunning and gadgets to crack the case.

The softcover book includes:




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