Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri

A smart assistant today has become a virtual robot that can do tons of things for you. It is basically something that resides in your smartphone ready to obey any demand that you throw at it. They are slowly becoming a fad. Whether you are a noob or a pro at something, the smart assistant caters to all kinds of people. Right now major 3 giants have their own smart assistants with different names. There is Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. They are all smart assistants ready to roll and make your life more efficient.


Google vs Alexa vs Siri

All smart assistants basically works on the same logic, the difference only comes in the protocols and ethics over which different companies make them. These assistants are alerted once you call them with their cue words. For amazon’s alexa, it’s Hey Alexa, Ok Google for google assistant and Hey Siri for Apple’s assistant. The best part about these assistant is that they learn on the way since they are based on artificial intelligence. The more you use them, they learn more about you and keep getting better.



The working of smart assistants is even more interesting, you may never get to know how complex their process is but the work at the backend is very interesting. The process starts right from the time users utter the cue words. It could be anything right from you asking it to play a song from youtube or simply asking it to entertain you with a joke. They can do all kinds of tasks for you. Post that the words are broken down in small parts and sent to the server where the algorithm analyzes all kinds of things such as if the sentence was an assertive one or just a statement. Once a result is framed it is then sent back to the phone which the users listen in the voice tone set. The below infographic is a wonderful illustration of how all 3 assistants stand side by side.

Infographic credit: Techiespad

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