Can Audiobooks Boost Your Interest in Reading?

Audiobook downloads rose by an impressive 22.7% in 2018, according to recent statistics released by the Publishers Association. Sales year-on-year have grown exponentially in the past few years, with the audiobook market touted as one of the fastest growing in digital publishing. There are many reasons why audiobooks are achieving this impressive market growth. In this day and age in which Americans devote more than 10 hours daily to screen time, technological devices such as smartphones have become almost an extension of the body. It seems logical for new generations to access books and other informative material on their phone or tablet, and audiobooks fit in perfectly with this way of living.

The Magic of Narration

If you’ve ever listened to audiobooks such as The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, by David Wroblewski, or So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y’all Don’t Even Know by Retta, then you know how magical and personal an audiobook can feel. It is almost like sitting by the fireplace on a cold winter’s night with your author of choice, enjoying the nuances and emphases that only they can fully capture. Voice provides you with information about your favorite reads, including intended irony and other subtleties that can sometimes be difficult to express through the written word alone.

Making the Most of Time

If you commute to and from work, “I’m too busy” stops being a legitimate excuse to avoid reading for at least a few minutes per day. The average American travels around 25 minutes to work. Imagine 50 minutes of audio magic per day; it is possible, you simply have to make your choice and download it. Many audiobook listeners choose to read while listening, keen to experience both visual and auditory stimuli to heighten their enjoyment of reading. Even if you don’t take public transport to work, you can still make considerable progress by popping on your headphones and opting for a purely auditory experience in your vehicle.

Reducing Reading-Related Anxiety

Those who have working memory deficits or who feel anxious when they are called upon to read because of dyslexia or other issues can enjoy the immersive experience that audio books can provide, without the pressure of having to read. Audiobooks help increase their vocabulary and comprehension, boost their confidence, and provide them with motivation to continue experiencing the wonder of literature. They actually help people become better readers by providing additional information that can improve fluency and increase our ability to decode words. In a fascinating article on the value of audiobooks, teacher Linda Bomar notes that since she started encouraging her students to read stories while listening to an iPod, she has noticed they have a far better grasp of main ideas and a level of preparation that enables them to confidently discussed the book’s plot and central themes.

Audiobooks don’t have to replace books; rather, they can serve as useful complements while reading. They can also fill in empty gaps as you travel to school or work. Finally, audibooks can enrich your vocabulary and deepen your comprehension, helping you get over any difficulties you may have with the written word.

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