Fiction Books List

This fiction books list is a look at some of the best fiction book reviews (and/or giveaways) on this site. It includes every title that has been reviewed on Book Room Reviews as categorized alphabetically and by year. We do this for the benefit of our readers of particular genres so that you can quickly and easily peruse the catalogue of the top fiction books for each year.

If you are more of a niche fan of a particular subgenre of this book category, we also separate lists of fiction book reviews broken down by niche subgenres. Feel free to click on the links to each review to learn more about the book and to see what our reviewer thought about it!

2010 Fiction Books List

  • Turtle in Paradise

2008 Fiction Books List

  • A Small Part of History
  • Beautiful Death
  • The Bride Bargain
  • Brief Gandy Hour
  • Forsaken
  • Immortal
  • My Lady of Cleves
  • My Sister Dilly
  • The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
  • The Strand Prophecy
  • Sunset

What are you favorites on our best fiction books list? Do you have other books in this genre that you want to share with our readers? There are obviously tons of great titles out there so this is certainly nowhere near an all-inclusive selection. Simply add a comment to broaden our readers’ horizons!

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