Black Friday 2020?

Well here we are another Holiday season right around the corner. Whether you celebrate Christmas,Hanukkah,Kwanzaa or how about Festivus! Thats right Festivus for the Rest of Us!

This Holiday season looks to be a little bit different. With Covid not going away any time soon you may not want to be heading to the Mall this year for that Holiday Shopping.

So if you are one of those people that hates crowded malls (During a Freakin’ PANDEMIC) So of course there is always online shopping.

Black Friday
Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

Since COVID-19, American shoppers could not even get to the malls since they were all closed. Online shopping became even more popular for everything. Most of these retailers are desperate for customers after being shut down for so long. Because of this I’m guessing there will be even more Black Friday deals than ever before. You just gotta know where to find them.

The online crush will be huge this year. Because of this many retailers are extending their Black Friday shopping deals.Most retailers are extending their sales to two or three weeks in November. With most people (like me) trying their best to stretch every dollar these Black Friday deals are that much more important to find.

Being an Amazon Prime member I do a lot of buying on Amazon. Just trying to help out Jeff Bezos all I can…

What I have been on the lookout for is a new Snow Blower. Yeah I looked out the window today and saw SNOW! So I’m trying to find a pretty good deal and I think I have. Actually at one of my favorite stores for home stuff. I found some great Home Depot Black Friday Deals

I have been to Home Depot at least once a week all this past summer.They had the best prices for the deck I built ans I always  use their paint.So I figured I would check them out first and so far that is the best place for what I’m searching for. They have all sorts of tools and power equipment and appliances on sale. So if you have a construction worker on your shopping list. Sure there are plenty of other places to shop but for online Black Friday deals I would check out slickdeals It is a great one stop place to find all sorts of great deals

 GOOD LUCK and stay safe





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