Beth Legacy of Love

By Jeffery Young

The year is 1976 and Oh, what a year that was.  This is a novel by Jeffery Young, who wrote an adult novel for young Young Adult novelsadults. ‘Beth A Legacy of Love’ is the story of a high school senior, head cheerleader who just wants to do the right thing.  She is a person who has many friends and enemies, or so she thinks.  There are many situations that occur that effect the decisions she and her friends need to make.  The decisions that Beth, her fellow cheerleaders and even a baseball team all have related needs and decisions that need to be made.

A Coming of Age Novel

‘Beth A Legacy of Love’ is a Young adult novel that would make a great discussion group read to discuss gossip and how it affects everyone one way or another good and bad.  Other topics could be how the parents in this novel happen to handle the various life events dealing with health and illness.  A question that can be raised when reading and after reading the book could be ‘How could Beth have handled the choices she made in a different way?’ ‘Did her ‘friends’ or could have helped her/their decisions on what occurs in all their lives one way or another.  ‘Beth A Legacy of Love’ is a good novel that could also be used as a text for how to write a novel involving teens and their parents in a way that does not ‘read’ like an old ‘Afterschool Special’.

Fulton Books
ISBN:  978-1-64952-719-6  (paperback)
382 pages


Growing up in the late 1970s was a life of polyester dresses, bell bottoms, and fake IDs. Kids experimented with marijuana, sex, and cocaine, which seemed to wait outside like the door prize on their eighteenth birthday. Disco was not a myth, and Barry Manilows Copacabana was a hit. Seeing young women at clubs in nice dresses and clean-cut boys with styled hair was a pleasant change from the hippie generation. As Neil Sedaka would later write, They had groove, they had feeling! The perfect cloister inside the high school bubble shielded an aspiring generation from most of the heartaches of reality. Then death struck down Beth without warning, and youth was shattered, leaving an empty shell. Just like the spider devours the butterfly leaving behind only beautiful wings, so does spinal meningitis leave a fallen little girl. As life goes on in nature, so do goodness and love survive the human heart. Marjorie learned she needed Jesus.

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