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So for In today’s age of technology – entertainment and recreational activities have changed by leaps and bounds. Playing games is no longer restricted to rugby,football or even baseball. There is a whole new trend of online gaming.The big thing is RPG. Actually Role Playing Games have been around for years.But before the so called “Computer Age” they were relegated to board game like D&D which were always considered way to nerdy for the cool kids.But everything began to change in the early to mid 90’s,and they have been evolving ever since.So for you self proclaimed experts out there wondering how to become a pro gamer

Listen Up!

Children as well as adults are known to be drawn to interactive games. Some of them are so much into gaming that they spend considerable amount of time not just playing but learning and discussing about these. Worldwide there are numerous forums, clubs and communities that focus on bringing together people with this common area of interest. There are different ways to categorize these players.

Often the young gamers see this is just another hobby and pursue it for the rush and thrill associated with it. For those who have been into it for a while has wished to somehow justify the hours they spend on it by being paid for it. Now this is where things move away from the traditional sources of income. This is still at early stages and gradually gaining popularity.

One of the popular ways to make money is by testing the games. Now we all know that at the end of the day games are pieces of codes that have been conceptualized and created to offer a virtual experience to the player. At times this can be memorable or at times challenging or even addictive. Whatever the case may be the games need to be bug-free to say the least. So the companies often engage professional gamers or dedicated players to test their product before they prepare its release. While getting into an unreleased game may sound great it can sometimes be just the opposite. Player could be asked to test games that are far from any genre of their liking. Also another issue it is it is no longer for entertainment but a job. One needs to look at the complete experience – evaluate and report things, now this can be boring instead of fun.

There are many who are into sharing their wisdom. Now this wisdom usually comes from experience of playing repeatedly and skilfully on certain (well known) games. The upside of this is that people might pay you for the tips, techniques and tricks for being an expert at a certain game. On the downside it would mean that the target audience will be restricted to those who are so deeply into the game that they would be willing to shell out something to learn further from a proficient level player. So marketing an education video could be more than a cakewalk.

Globally a number of videos are being created that elaborate the entire gaming experience. Professionals who are into playing games as well as have decent writing skills can hone the combination further. There are websites dedicated to the gaming industry. There are many players waiting to read reviews of the newly launched games. There are also many who search for blogs and websites that discuss trending games and gives people an opportunity to talk about their favorites and dislikes too.

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