Board-Certified Holistic, Registered Nurse Shares Solutions

to Find Light in the Darkness of the ‘Burnout Effect’

By Jennifer Marcenelle

While mental and emotional burnout is anything but new, the health issue has only recently been discussed among an increasing number of various professions and industries, especially as a noticeable rise in burnouts are occurring.

Officially classified as a medical condition by the World Health Organization (WHO), burnout refers to emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. In a nutshell, it’s your body’s way of telling you that you are under immense stress and your body, thoughts, memories, and emotions need to be rehabilitated.


Employee Burnout is commonly caused when we are overworked on the job. A recent study with the Employee Engagement Series shows that 95% of HR leaders admit to burnout being a leading cause in the Burnoutdecline of employee retention. And a Gallup study of thousands of full-time employees revealed that 23% said they feel burned out at work “very often” or “always,” and an additional 44% said they experience burnout “sometimes.”

Stress also impacts our personal lives significantly. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association (APA), about 40 to 50% of married couples in the U.S. divorce (and the divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher). To help with this issue, many organizations today offer Employee Assistance Programs to support workers physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – through the often overwhelming and tricky divorce process.

The Burnout Effect: A Closer Look

If you feel constant fatigue, a lack of motivation, frequent headaches or muscle pains, feelings of failure or self-doubt, as well as decreased satisfaction and a lack of accomplishment, you may be experiencing the “Burnout Effect.”

Burnout symptoms can also surface in the form of irritability, stress, depression, and in some cases, suicidal thoughts. In some cases, some people that experience burnout also turn to drugs or alcohol to numb their feelings or pain.

This imbalance in your day-to-day life – whether it’s related to your career, school or personal life – may be the root of your condition, but it should not be confused with prolonged stress. In fact, both conditions can cause emotional, physical and mental tension on the body.


It’s critical to recognize that each system of the body is interdependent, and failure of one is followed by the failure of others. This is why, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, that you first take a step back to analyze your problems and determine as many solutions as possible to eliminate them.

As a former ER, Critical Care Nurse who personally had a health crisis and near suicide from burnout in my mid-40s, I urge people to pay closer attention to the signs of burnout and work to discover holistic ways to combat it. One increasingly popular and unique approach to burnout is Gemstone and Diamond Therapy

Gemstone and Diamond Therapy are complementary, natural healing methods that address the underlying energetic causes and contributing factors of illness and lack of wellness. Gemstones have been used for hundreds of years to cure health issues and to enhance inner peace – making it an ideal fit for combating nursing burnout. 

The therapeutic benefits of gemstone, diamond energies are enormous. Research suggests that different gemstones send out different vibrations, which can resonate with the frequency of the healthy cells in a particular area of your body. They may also help allow unhealthy cells to vibrate at the same level as healthy cells. 

In addition, Gemstone and Diamond Therapy can offer relief from various mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges. From helping with stress and depression to chronic and acute pain, the holistic practice energizes the body and mind, decreases blood pressure and inflammation, frees blocked emotions, reduces toxins, minimizes stress and boosts positive energy.

During Gemstone and Diamond Therapy, you relax on a table with your eyes closed, and a therapist uses various gems to locate the “stuck” energies, uplift and then release them. The treatment, which typically lasts approximately 30-50 minutes, is different based on each person. For instance, the gemstones and diamonds that your therapist selects are based on your vital force – your primary health concern and which chakras or other parts of your energetic anatomy are blocked.

The process itself involves strategically placing gems along the body to balance and recover the major energy chakras. By putting particular gemstones over the seven-chakra centers of your body, the energy of each chakra is returned to balance, promoting health and vitality.

Similar to acupuncture the gems may also work along the Meridian lines or out the various layers of the aura; wherever blockages are located, upliftment and release are needed. The entire session is quite relaxing and uplifting. Clients report immediate relief from tension, anxiety and often experience pain relief in their first session. As a holistic approach the results are cumulative and lasting, especially when lifestyle changes are made.

Healing Is Possible, Even in the Short-Term

In the meantime, if you are unable to find a long-term solution right away, here are several strategies to implement in times of distress to alleviate symptoms temporarily:

  1. Find someone you trust. Find a friend or relative to express your feelings from time to time. Bottling up frustration only prolongs burnout and can leave you feeling even more helpless. Avoid discussing work-related issues with your coworkers – they are under similar pressures. Talk through things with a skilled professional who is trained and held accountable to hold your information completely confidential. Knowing that your deepest most private experiences are completely safe and protected can truly help you open up and help you work through things.
  2. Get more rest. Those who experience burnout feel constant exhaustion, and they don’t often have the energy to accomplish daily tasks or continue in activities they enjoyed previously. Many suffering from burnout find comfort in lying around all day. To ensure you get an adequate amount of rest, create a scheduled bedtime. Give yourself ample time to complete small tasks, record favorite TV shows to watch another time and officially unwind each night. Herbal, decaffeinated tea can help before bedtime, and you can get up the next day feeling refreshed and well rested.
  3. Try yoga. There are a wide variety of yoga practices – yoga provides you with breathing techniques, meditation practice and is excellent for centering the mind when life gets
  4. Use words of affirmation. If you are burned out, you likely feel inadequate and discouraged. Find uplifting quotes that resonate with you and speak them aloud. Spoken words carry a vibration that are healing and uplifting. By using your voice, you are creating a higher vibration in your body, mind and emotions.
  5. Set boundaries and know when to leave work. As challenging as it can be, try to realize when enough is simply enough. Coming home and doing even more work will only add to the burnout you are experiencing, and it can make you feel like you have done more at the office. Establish a set time each day to put your phone down and stop replying to emails – this practice will help you manage expectations and teach others how to interact with you in a healthier way. It can also help you be more “present” in your home life.

About Jennifer Marcenelle

Jennifer Marcenelle MBA, BSN, RN, HBC-HN, is a Board-Certified Holistic, RN Nurse and certified Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Practitioner. As the founder and CEO of Burn Bright Today, she has dedicated her career to helping people move from the darkness of Burning Out- to the light of Burning Bright.

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