Amazon’s Best Children’s Books of 2015

Best Children’s Books of 2015

Here is the top children’s book on Amazon for 2015


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This New York Times Best Seller Circus Mirandus is compared to the magical works of Ronald Dahl . About a young boy Micah Tuttle that believes the in the magical stories his Grandfather tells him of a Special Circus and what happens next…



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A 2015 National Book Award finalist,The Thing About Jellyfish is a poignant, thought provoking story of a young girls grief at the lost of her best friend and the journey that loss takes her on.

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What are you Waiting for? An owl, a puppy, a bear, a rabbit, and a pig - toys arranged on a windowsill await marvelous things to happen in this picture book by the New York Times–bestselling and Caldecott Medalist Kevin Henkes. Find out what these toys are waiting for.
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Remember The Day the Crayons Quit Well I guess the Crayons came Home This multiple award winning book prove how fun  (and adventurous?) Crayons can be. a Very Colorful ( Wink,Wink) Book indeed

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From Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer  stayed on the New York Times middle grade bestseller list for eleven weeks! Book one in what looks to be another cool series.This one is about Norse mythology. This action packed story will not disappoint.


q? encoding=UTF&ASIN=&Format=SL &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=&WS=&tag=bookroomreviews  Goodby Stranger is by no means your average everyday Middle School read. It’s got all the middle school relationship problems between young women growing up,but goes much deeper than most books in this Genre.It’s more like real life and quite thought-provoking. Great book depicting 7th-8th life

q? encoding=UTF&ASIN=&Format=SL &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=&WS=&tag=bookroomreviews See how Two seemingly unrelated stories one in words,the other in pictures (nearly 400)are related.The Marvels will marvelously blow you away.


q? encoding=UTF&ASIN=&Format=SL &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=&WS=&tag=bookroomreviewsAuthor of Those Darn Squirrels, Secret Pizza Party and Dragons Love Tacos ,Adam Ruben has come up with another excellent addition to his library ROBO-SAUCE. A comical picture book filled with magical Robots that turn into a shiny metal ROBO-BOOK . Illustrated by the talent of Daniel Salmieri


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Beautifully Illustrated by Erin E. stead and written by Phillip C. Stead , Lenny and Lucy tells the story of the hardships of a child moving to a new house and the joy of new friendship.Great lesson to be learned here

q? encoding=UTF&ASIN=&Format= SL &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=&WS=&tag=bookroomreviews  We all know it ain’t easy surviving  Junior High.Well  Astrid may have found something that just might toughen her up just enough to tackle Junior High…   ROLLER DERBY! See how ROLLER GIRL makes it work.Written by Victoria Jamieson a.k.a. Winnie the Pow, skater with the Rose City Rollers roller derby league

More of The Best Children’s books of 2015


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  1. Thanks for the great list! I loved reading Kevin Henkes books to my kids! Can’t wait til my grandson is old enough!

  2. Fabulous, fabulous list! So many on here I want to read! I’m so glad you shared this at Booknificent Thursday this week!

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