A Gift for the Wife

A GIFT for the WIFE

So my wife’s birthday is coming up. Next month actually.I always hated to do any sort of shopping for

woman opening gift

a gift for her.She is not an easy one to shop for a gift for. Personally I’m happy with a good book, but her? One thing I learned a long time ago is this. You do not buy clothes for this woman.I would do that for the first few years we were married and I swear every time no matter how good I thought I did she would take the stuff back to the store and exchange it for something else.After more than a few years at Christmas or Birthdays I would have to resort to Gift Cards. Or maybe back in the day they were “Gift Certificates”. I really hated doing that but it worked.The first time she really truly liked a gift I got her was when I got her a Mothers Ring. It had our two kids Birthstones on it and believe it or not she did not even think of exchanging or returning it.

So I learned a little something there. Ahha! Jewelry works.That was a long time ago and since then if there is nothing else she really wants I know where to go. I did mess up once with a pearl necklace I knew she wanted.I got the wrong Necklace Size.I got 16 inch she wanted a longer one.Lately it has not always been the case.She did like her new iPhone last year. Then there was the Fitbit that went over really well.Although to be honest I did get the wrong one so she took it back for another model. But hey I was on the right track.Gift Cards for Massages go over pretty good too.But in the long run it’s the Thought That Counts right? Right?…well maybe that and a nice Engraved Bracelet

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  1. You can usually not go wrong with jewelry!

  2. Gift buying is easy for kids but for adults it gets harder year after year!

  3. larescoe says:

    It can definitely be hard to shop for your significant other, especially when you have been together a long time. I would love to receive a Mothers Ring!

  4. You truly are married! My husband doesn’t like buying for me either! Buying clothes for me is a BIG no no! A lot of women love jewelry, but not me. The only jewelry I really loved from him was on our 20th wedding anniversary, he bought me a gorgeous diamond wedding set! I was surprised and floored! I do appreciate gift cards and flowers 💐 Gorgeous flowers to brighten up the house. I like going on a date night. Like dinner or dinner and a show. Sometimes when we are low on money, we make coupons for each other. Some have expiration dates. These are fun! We even like playing Backgammon, Pinochle, Super Scrabble. Thanks for sharing your tribulations and tips 🤪

  5. I feel for you, shopping for picky females is tricky even with jewelry.

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