A GIFT for the WIFE

So my wife’s birthday is coming up. Next month actually.I always hated to do any sort of shopping for

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woman opening gift

a gift for her.She is not an easy one to shop for a gift for. Personally I’m happy with a good book, but her? One thing I learned a long time ago is this. You do not buy clothes for this woman.I would do that for the first few years we were married and I swear every time no matter how good I thought I did she would take the stuff back to the store and exchange it for something else.After more than a few years at Christmas or Birthdays I would have to resort to Gift Cards. Or maybe back in the day they were “Gift Certificates”. I really hated doing that but it worked.The first time she really truly liked a gift I got her was when I got her a Mothers Ring. It had our two kids Birthstones on it and believe it or not she did not even think of exchanging or returning it.

So I learned a little something there. Ahha! Jewelry works.That was a long time ago and since then if there is nothing else she really wants I know where to go. I did mess up once with a pearl necklace I knew she wanted.I got the wrong Necklace Size.I got 16 inch she wanted a longer one.Lately it has not always been the case.She did like her new iPhone last year. Then there was the Fitbit that went over really well.Although to be honest I did get the wrong one so she took it back for another model. But hey I was on the right track.Gift Cards for Massages go over pretty good too.But in the long run it’s the Thought That Counts right? Right?…well maybe that and a nice Engraved Bracelet

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