Holiday/Autism Play Guide: Puzzles

Everything in our Holiday and Autism Play Guide has been mom and kid tested. We love having fun with cool products and you can rely that our recommendations are honest and something I would buy myself (if I already haven’t). Thanks for visiting our guide!


Puzzles are recommended by professionals for children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Puzzles are error free because each piece can only fit into one place.

The easiest puzzles to start with are puzzles with big pieces and handles where the pieces easily fit. You can even add pictures on the puzzle piece to make it more visual.

Remember to choose puzzles that are compatible with your child’s motor skills so they don’t become frustrated and encourage their skills.



If you have a printer, you can find amazing resources on the internet. I am very thankful for all of the amazing ideas and free resources these websites supply for free for kids activities. As a daycare provider, I have used the puzzles and other activities and the kids like them just as much. If you can laminate them, they will last longer. Here are just a couple of websites I use below. I also recommend searching KIDS ACTIVITIES on Pinterest. I love that website!

Example of a printable puzzle. Start few peices then you can add more and try other ideas, like popsicle puzzles.

KIDSPARKZ – Frog four piece puzzle pdf download

1PLUS1PLUS1EQUALS1.NET -Two Piece Color Puzzles (Best website!)


Cost around $12 and up

I own Melissa and Doug Puzzles. I like them because they are durable and colorful with fun objects. I recommend them and they have frequent sales online at Amazon or School Supply websites.


Now for something unique and lovely. Artifact puzzles are for older children or a child with great puzzle skills. My son wasn’t able to put it together by himself (he is eight), but he enjoyed helping.

I was impressed with the quality and beauty of the puzzle. These puzzles are a bit more expensive but you get your money’s worth, because each piece is handcrafted. This would make a wonderful gift for a child who loves puzzles and building.

Based in Seattle, Artifact Puzzles uses clever designs and vibrant artwork to craft laser-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles that will last. These unique puzzles offer a challenge which upon completion inspires a much deeper satisfaction than any video game ever can. Along with the stunning graphics provided by the rich selection of artwork and the designers’ craftsmanship, the puzzle pieces themselves are extremely unique and interesting. These puzzles promote spatial relation development, art appreciation, creativity, and team-working skills. (from the website)

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