Free iPads for Non-Verbal Children with Autism

What a wonderful gift for families who can’t afford an iPad.  As a mom of a son who is high functioning, I agree that the iPad is a great resource for children on the spectrum, even more so for non verbal children.  You can read our Autism app recommendations and video here and on You Tube.  The Los Angeles charity HollyRod is donating a free iPad to families with a nonverbal child with autism.  The iPad has some wonderful communication applications for those with autism. 

“All of the money raised from November 16th through December 31st is being used directly to purchase the iPads and apps. We won’t know until January 1st how many we’ll be able to buy.”

The program has the following conditions:

FREE I-Pad for Eliglible Non-Verbal/Minimally Verbal Consumers on the Autism Spectrum

 Please note that the application deadline is coming up on

 December 31, 2010.

Links to the application and further information can be found in the forward below.

Link for application:

What are the eligibility requirements?

  1. The individual you are applying for must have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum (as identified in diagnosis report);
  2. Reside in the United States
  3. Be non-verbal or minimally verbal (as identified in speech pathology report)
  4. Be in financial need:  Gross income not to exceed $35,000 single income family or $50,000 two-income family (as identified by documentation)
  5. Have access to a computer and an iTunes account (some programs must be downloaded on a computer and transferred to the iPad due to size)
  6. A professional on your team (i.e., speech pathologist, doctor, teacher) must be willing to take responsibility of the gift card that downloads the applications

For more information, please visit the foundations website:

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  1. Shirley Bradley says:

    I found out about the HollyRod application for IPads for children with Autism late. Does anyone know if we can submit a late application? I have 2 sons with autism (ages 9 and 4); I really think this would benefit my 4 yr old son. Someone please let me know if you find out.

    Plentiful Joy,

    • Hi Shirley, I’m sorry to say they are done, they had an overwhelming amount of applications. Try googling iPad Autism sponsorship or scholarship. I know there are more agencies out there that are taking applications. You could talk to your school too. Hope that helps.


  2. What a great gift and resource! I love to read reviews like this about companies that give back…

  3. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    Wow! How awesome of them to have done this. They must have had a huge response, as I can imagine. I would love to know of the next time something like this is offered, as we have a little neighbor boy who has autism.

  4. I turned in my app. on time,till this day i havent had a responce back. How do i find out if im going to receive an ipad or not?

  5. Hi Holly, we are raising money by hhosting a fund raiser in April National autism month, i did not see your online application, and we were wanting ideas as far as the kind of application we should \put on our website

  6. Would like an application to submit for an I-Pad for my autistic son, Could you give me details on this? Thank you. Karen

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