Dunkin Donuts Home Packaged Holiday Flavored Coffees

Dunkin Donuts Holiday Flavored CoffeeDunkin’ Donuts is celebrating the holidays with three new home packaged holiday flavored coffees. The three flavors include Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Nut, and Mocha Mint. As avid flavored coffee drinkers, we were excited for the chance to check out these new Dunkin’ Donut coffee treats with samples provided.

My personal favorite is the Mocha Mint, though all are excellent as far as packaged flavored coffee products go. Not only are these coffees great for you and your family, but they offer you an opportunity to treat your family to a warm holiday treat!

Packages are 11 ounces and made with artificially flavored ground coffee. Coffee is 100% Arabica Coffee. Clear 1-2-3 step instructions for home brewing are listed on the back of each package and your end result reminds you of the original Dunkin’ Donut coffee taste your familiar with if you have ever bought coffee from the store.

You can buy these products at various retailers in the holiday season, including as a 3-pack from Amazon and others.

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  1. These would be perfect in a gift basket for the coffee lover. They do make wonderful coffee.

  2. Love DD coffee! The Pumpkin Spice coffee is a great holiday blend; and I agree that these coffees would make a wonderful gift

  3. i am so glad dunkin offers this to bring home and make..i love their coffee..this kind is gourmet!!

    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  4. Susan Kopatz says:

    I love these seasonal flavors, My family’s favorite is by far the Mocha Mint. The biggest complaint
    is that they are only seasonal. Great flavors love Dunkin Donut coffees.

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