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Tracy is the founder of Bookroom Reviews, a site that assists parents in finding the best family friendly products, websites, and resources for children of all ages.
Tracy is a Des Moines area mom to three boys, an iPad addict, photography nut, avid reader, gadget lover and blogger for over four years. Feel free to contact her anytime.


  1. Catherine Richards says:

    I would love to try them all, but in particular we could really do with the angry octopus book-our 4yr old ASD daughter is having a hard time coping with her anger at the moment.

  2. I have been dignoised with Aspergers Syndrome

  3. teri stephens says:

    my son is being tested for aspergers syndrome i saw on a news report that the ipad is a big tool to help him. what one should i get for him. he is 14 he has ADHD and was born with lots of health problems.he does pore in school due to not bring home his home work but he can tell you any thing that he is learning in class his weak points are math but great in science,history,space.he wents to talk about whats on his mind and theres no turning him to whats going on it has to be whats on his mind at that moment.he has to see for his self that something is not working or not like the ice maker we told him that the hoes to the water was not hoocked up and not to push the button. he could hear the moter run so in his mind it should have worked.he had to push it for his self.

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