Twilight Graphic Novel Coming


For those of you who can’t get enough Edward and Bella, EW announced  on their website that Yen Press will be publishing Twilight in graphic-novel form, publication date still to be determined. Though Korean artist Young Kim is creating the art, Stephenie Meyer herself will be reviewing every panel.

The manga-style adaptation of Meyer’s books sounds, from the story’s description, as if it will be a straight words-to-comics of existing stories, but there is no word yet on how many books are currently planned. At least for now, though, everyone asking has their answer.

Nevertheless, this announcement will likely be a hot topic when “Twilight” fans descend on Hall H next Thursday for the “Twilight: New Moon” panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Since that room is going to be packed with a hybrid crowd of “Twilight” and comics fans, you can bet these new books will be on a lot of minds.

What do you think of the artist rendering above?  Overload or will you buy it?

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  1. Overload… definitely. My 10yo is a big Twilight fan and she’s already on about “are we gonna see New Moon when it comes out?” I’m burned out with it already. I read all the books (and hated BD, I might add), I know the ending, so why would I want to read a graphic novel of it?

    BTW, can I reserve it on Amazon now? or do I have to wait for a pub date?
    .-= The Kool-Aid Mom´s last blog ..The Inconvenient Adventures of Uncle Chestnut by Paul Nowak =-.

  2. Anna-Fiel says:

    Buy it. (Reserve it from the library, more like)

  3. Totally will buy it! All of them that they do! I think it will be more aligned with Stephenie’s vision as far as characters, etc. I don’t think they will try and make the character’s look like the actor’s who play them… at least I hope!

  4. masterpayne0479 says:

    I think that the graphic novel will sale huge. Thats obvious, but the problem with the whole situation is the art. As much as most people would likely say, Twilight and the whole series is based in the United States. Therefore why would it have a manga type style to it? It will sale huge with 10 year old girls but to anyone that knows a thing or two about comic will likely skip the read unless someone is into mnaga.

  5. i think that this will be good! I liked the movie a little, but I’m a little put out with it right now…i didn’t really like the actors who played the characters…personally i thought jacob was hotter than edward which isn’t right to me, but whatever! I’m so excited about this! that way i can read it with different pictures in my head rather than those lousy actors and actresses

  6. jacoblover says:

    when will it be published i cant wait to buy it

  7. Well this just ruined my day. I was hoping that with this graphic would be truer to the book, but it look like Catherine Hardwicke ate it for breakfast. Edward looks to much like Robert Pattinson (who was never that gorgeous, and is really too full of himself), and nothing like a super-gorgeous, super-human vampire idol. And Bella looks like some demon, pudgy, Dutch, porcelian doll (I have no ill-will towards the Dutch, whatsoever.)Also, no offense to the illustrator, but I’ve seen better fan art versions of the Twilight characters. Don’t get me wrong, I love the series, but all these attempts to visualise it are making me sick. Sorry, as Simon Cowell would say.

  8. In addition to my previous comment:

    There is nothing wrong with manga, and I think that it is a very beautiful form of art. In fact, I had originally hoped for a Twilight manga/anime before this graphic novel showed up. But still, this preview is dissappointing. If you want to see real art, go to

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