Taylor Lautner Weight Gain Picture and New Moon News

Change is so hard for some people

Latest Twilight News:


New Moon star Tayor Lautner looks like he accomplished the task of gaining weight in time to start filming New Moon coming up in March. My question though is more from a “mom” concern.  Is it healthy for a 16 year old boy to do this so quickly?


New Moon official logo released this week. A couple of articles discussing Eclipse Movie release dates (June 30,2010) and summary already! Mtv.com and ew.com Chris Weitz won’t direct.


New Twilight Books Coming Soon.  Catherine Hardwicke Twilight Directors Notebook and The Twilight Saga: Official Guide . Stephenie started a new official website called The Twilight Saga. And of course the Twilight DVD release date is March 21st!


Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper has been a popular search on my site, so this if for those fans.


Stephenie Meyer recommends The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester on her site, her last recommendation was The Hunger Games and I loved it.


Fans of Twilight are so creative and talented, here are a few Fan-made posters of New Moon


The CW is capitalizing on the Twilight popularity. They reportably picked up a pilot based on L.J. Smith’s book series, Vampire Diaries. The first book of the series was originally published in 1993. The books revolve around a young lady who is torn between two vampire brothers, one good and the other evil.The brothers battle for her soul, and the souls of her small town friends and family. Sounds good! Have any of you read it? I’m curious what you thought of it.


Latest Robert Pattinson picture to tide you girls over! He is in L.A. And will present at the Oscars tomorrow night with Kristen Stewart.


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Midnight Sun 12 Chapters

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  1. It’s probably not healthy at all but actors seem to do it a lot :( Really great post!

  2. They do, then they lose weight so quickly after too. Thanks Jen:)

  3. Taylor has been working on the weigh gain since the end of the shoot which is more than 6 months ago. Witha good trainer and STRICT Diet I can see him making that change. Guys are different from women and when they do the muscle gain properly its a no brainer. I have a friend who is training for MMA, he use to be 200 lbs of fat and within a year he lost about 40 but he was more muscular. When he’s training for a fight his body changes. He doesnt use drugs so i know its natural.

  4. I’ve read The Vampire Diaries and although I loved the author’s other vampire series (beginning with Secret Vampire), this one wasn’t quite as good. I really can’t remember why, sorry.

    Looking forward to Twilight coming out on DVD in March!

    Lindsey@A Kindred Spirit’s Thoughts’s last blog post..Think Outside the Box – Knit and Crochet Cozies

  5. I think the way Taylor has been doing it is ok. He has been working out and eating and I am sure drinking Protein since the end of “Twilight” knowing what was facing him.
    I know I have read that Taylor has a trainer also. I seriously doubt the kid has been doing roids,he seems much smarter. Its just sad that there was so mauch pressure on him to win this role back when as far as the fans were concerned it was his from the get go!
    As long as he has supportive family and friends. A good trainer and hopefully a dietician he will be just fine.

  6. Not a twilight fan, but as far as the weight thing goes its a part of making movies.

    Stormi’s last blog post..

  7. Great post! I read the original Vampire Diaries series when it came out in the early 90’s. They were great. I have a review of the newest book, Nightfall on my blog–I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first four, but I can see why it could have spurred a TV pilot.

    Melissa’s last blog post..100+ Reading Challenge

  8. Lori Barnes says:

    I cannot wait to give my daughter the up-to-date info on Twilight she will be estatic to hear there’s a follow up!! Thanks for the info

  9. Fun post! I can’t wait to see Twilight when it comes out on dvd!! :)


    Wendi B.’s last blog post..Excerpt: Tuck by Stephen Lawhead

  10. I loved The Vampire Diaries when I was a teen. Unlike Lindsey, I liked them much better than Smith’s Nightworld series (though that series, like Meyer’s, embraces all sorts of supernatural things–vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, etc.).

    LJ Smith was possibly my favorite author then–I had all of her books (and still do, except for the latest Vampire Diaries, but only because I didn’t realize it’d already been released), and reread them all regularly.

    Jena’s last blog post..Rocksalt: An Anthology of Contemporary BC Poetry

  11. Nice post. I am surely excited for New Moon to come out! Loved seeing a flash or two from Twilight on the Oscars last night. :)

    Toni’s last blog post..Mailbox Mondays –

  12. Did you hear the news that they are making ECLIPSE (the movie) for release in 2010? I just read it on SciFiWire.com today.

    And by the way, this is the first time I’ve seen Jasper w/out the movie makeup – he’s actually quite adorable.

    Heather J.’s last blog post..The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

  13. The Vampire Diaries started my love affair with vampires. I loved them so much and I’m looking forward to the possibility of the tv series.

    Amy @ My Friend Amy’s last blog post..Guest Post: Lisa Dale, author of Simple Wishes + Giveaway

  14. Looks like he gained 25-30 lbs of muscle, which is easy for a teenage guy to do in 6 months, granted he has the right resources.

  15. huh… bookmarked post.


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