Shawn Johnson Dancing With Stars Pictures


We are so excited! Our native Iowa girl from nearby is not only an Olympic Award Star, she will soon be a Dancing Star!  Shawn Johnson has released her Dancing With the Stars pictures via her Flicker Stream.  She looks so adorable.  She also gave her first interview at our local television station about her new adventure. Her main concerns are getting used to wearing heels, which she doesn’t ever wear and her height.  She is a petite 4 feet 10 inches.  She is also the youngest contestant ever to compete on DWTS.  Her partner is Mark Ballas. So expect some DWTS videos coming up starting March 9th.  Here is the list of the rest of the cast.  Let’s vote off Denise Richards the first week.


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  1. Oh, yay! I can’t wait for DWTS to come back on.

  2. nice prize

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