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The big day is coming November 21st.  Are you ready?  Meet the cast and refresh your memory to get ready for the Twilight movie.  Does the movie cast fit who you pictured when you were reading the book?

The right cast? | Kristen-Stewart_l
Role Intuitive heroine Bella Swan
Where you’ve seen her Stewart’s built her résumé playing daughter to some of Hollywood’s biggest leading ladies, including Jodie Foster, in Panic Room, and Meg Ryan, in In the Land of Women. More recently she played singing teen Tracy Tatro, in Into the Wild.

For her part, Stewart was attracted to the role of Bella because of the gawky teen’s first brush with romance. ”What I love about the story,” Stewart says, ”is that it’s about a very logical, pragmatic girl who you think would never get swept into something that has this bizarre power.”

The EW photo album | Twilight_pattinson_l

Role Smoldering vamp Edward Cullen, who craves Bella’s body — and her blood
Where you’ve seen him The brooding Brit is best known as doomed wizard Cedric Diggory, from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

At first, Pattinson was unsure how to play the most beautiful creature on Earth. ”Here’s this guy who seems to be the embodiment of every single perfect guy. Okay, I’m going to look like a complete idiot if I just try to do that — like give a half-Fonz, half-George Clooney impression,” Pattinson says. ”But then I did it with Kristen and it was completely different. We had this chemistry that just worked.”

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Twilight

The right cast? | Taylor-Lautner_l

Role Bella’s bud Jacob Black
Where you’ve seen him Tweeners will remember Lautner as the titular superhero trained by great whites in Robert Rodriguez’s The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D. The 16-year-old also has a recurring role on the Christian Slater spy series My Own Worst Enemy.  Though Lautner’s role in the first of the Twilight flicks is small, it is integral: He helps Bella uncover vampire Edward’s true identity.

The right cast? | Peter-Facinelli_l

Role Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the patriarch of the vegetarian vampire coven
Where you’ve seen him Facinelli broke Jennifer Love Hewitt’s heart as douchey jock Mike Dexter in the teen flick Can’t Hardly Wait.

The right cast? | Elizabeth-Reaser_l

Role Matriarch Esme Cullen
Where you’ve seen her Reaser had multiple identities (Jane Doe! Ava! Rebecca!) on Grey’s Anatomy before dating multiple former flames on the recently canceled Ex List.


Role Pixieish prognosticating vamp Alice Cullen
Where you’ve seen her Probably nowhere, unless you’re really looking. The 21-year-old has had a few TV guest spots on Crossing Jordan and Shark, and had a seven-episode run on MyNetworkTV’s Desire

The right cast? | Jackson-Rathbone_l

Role Alice’s significant other, mood-manipulating Jasper Hale
Where you’ve seen him Rathbone’s had a slew of TV guest spots ranging from The O.C. to the short-lived Beautiful People.

The right cast? | Kellan-Lutz_l

Role Edward’s muscle-bound “brother” Emmett Cullen
Where you’ve seen him Lutz saw combat as a soldier on the miniseries Generation Kill and has been hitting the books as a West Beverly student on 90210.

The right cast? | Nikki-Reed_l

Role Emmett’s mate and resident sourpuss Rosalie Hale
Where you’ve seen her Reed first teamed up with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke in 2003, co-writing the film Thirteen, which Hardwicke directed and Reed starred in. They met up again on 2005’s Lords of Dogtown before Reed moved to The O.C. to play one of Ryan’s love interests.

Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Twilight Cast, Film Fashion

The right cast? | Cam-Gigandet_l

Role Baddie bloodsucker James, who’s out for Bella’s neck
Where you’ve seen him Kicking butt is nothing new for Gigandet who played a fighter in 2008’s Never Back Down and Marissa’s killer on The O.C..

The right cast? | Rachelle-Lefevre_l

Role James’ fiery-haired mate Victoria
Where you’ve seen her As husband-stealing Melinda on Swingtown and as Adam’s stripper wife, Heather, on What About Brian

The right cast? | Edi-Gathegi_l


Role The third member of James’ gang, Laurent
Where you’ve seen him Gathegi played a Mormon geneticist dubbed “Big Love” on House.


Role Bella’s police-chief father, Charlie Swan
Where you’ve seen him Burke’s no stranger to the badge, having played a detective in Untraceable and a police lieutenant in Fracture.

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  1. Lori Barnes says:

    Instead of a birthday party my daughter ask if she could invite a couple of her frineds for a sleep over and to go to see this movie opening night for her 12th birthday she has been so looking forward to this she has the first 2 books and i was going to get her the other 2 for her birthday. I’m gonna save your post so she can see this when she get’s home from school

  2. The only people that are surprising to me (now that I finally read the book) is Charlie and Laurent. It might take a little time to get used to them in the parts but I’m not really opposed to them.

  3. twilight lover says:

    I was suprised they picked Robert Pattison 4 Edward Cullen

  4. I know Esme and Carlisle aren’t supposed to be *that* old, but Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser just don’t look old enough, in my opinion. Plus, I just watched Can’t Hardly Wait this weekend, and I’m never going to be able to see Peter Facinelli as anything other than the high-school jock. The rest of the casting is fine, though.

  5. I can’t wait for the movie… I am a BIG Twilight fan… did anyone hear yet that they are working on the second movie already? (they are only in the writing stage I heard)…

    As far as the characters go I think Edward and Bella are perfect but I have to re-read Twilight (being that I haven’t read it in awhile) and refresh my memory of the other characters… so I’m at a standstill for how I think the other actors fit the other characters in the book…

  6. i love who they choose for bella but edward?? he is ok…

  7. I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie


  9. I love twilight and all the actors/actresses did amazing. I love Taylor Lautner as Jacob and Cam Giginot as James. Niki Reed did really well too But people were saying shes not pretty enough-what a load of s##t! Shes Gorgeous! Anyway Iv seen Twilight 3 times in the cinema and would gladly go again! Cant wait for the DVD!!!

  10. I love Twilight because I have the DVD and posters everything and in the movie I love Kellen he is the big brother in the family and of course I know there namees are Edward, Bella, Jasper, Alice, Esme, Dr. Carlisle, Emmett, Realie, James, Victoria, Laurent, Jacob, Charlie thats how I know it, I like the part they saved Bella away from the bad vampires because the cullen family were playing baseball and they ran fast and Edward and Emmett were trying to ctach the ball they crushed together in the sky flying. I like to meet the Twilight cast because I like to ask them that I love your acting and cool things they ere in the movie

  11. Rosalie Cullen is cool person to around with she was married to Emmett

  12. Heather says:

    OMG! I love this movie and the books. I can’t wait until New Moon comes out. My sister finally got addicted to them and she can’t wait to see New Moon. Most of the characters were not what I thought but James was close. In the book though it says he’s unattractive but I didn’t think so. I think Victoria might be good but we only saw a little of her in the first movie. So we’ll have to wait until New Moon to see what happens with her. I like how she fights for her love after he is killed.

  13. omg l luv twilight
    i would do anythijng to see robert paterson!

  14. hi twilight i love you guys so much i now all of your names he names are Edward,Bella,Charlie,Renee,Jacob,Billy,Emette,Rosalie,Jasper,Alice,Carlisle,Esme,James,Victoria,Laurent see i just love twilight its just the best movie ive ever seen i wish there was a fan club and i also wish that i can see them in real life

  15. haha taylor is so hot i no he dosent want this comming from a boy but he is with out his long hair wooohooop gay boys rock i hope taylor is gay to yaaaa !!!!!!!!!

  16. I <3 U TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!!

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