Brand New Twilight Trailer!!


It’s here!  The third movie trailer for Twilight just premiered online tonight!  Also what do you think of the new movie poster?  Can’t they make Edward look attractive?   He just looks odd in all the posters and magazine covers.

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  1. Yeah, I’ll be skipping the movie(s). Thanks for posting, though–I hadn’t seen this one.

  2. I think he looks pretty good in this poster (but on the EW magazine cover with the orange hair was freeky)! I can’t wait to see this movie!

  3. It looks good. I really need to read the books. I bought the first two and I won the fourth one lol.

  4. I TOTALLY agree that they always make Edward look…weird. I think he always looks overly aggressive or upset or just bad. Ah well. I cannot wait for the movie, even though the trailers sort of show that the dialogue is a bit forced sounding. Sort of monotone or something. I don’t care, love me some Twilight!

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