Saturday Night Live: Lawrence Welk Sisters

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All of the news the day after Saturday Night Live usually focus on showing the clips of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.  But I wanted to point out this hysterical clip from this past Saturday that featured the hilarious Kristen Wiig.  She, along with guest host, Anne Hathaway, put on an insane Lawrence Welk sister act that is equally fantastic and demented. Wiig is tremendous as a completely insane sister who strays from the typical “sunshine and rainbows” attitudes of the others and veers into well, finding dead cats and putting honey on them. Clip is above.

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  1. I agree, I watched it and it was hysterical! I thought that the VP debate w/Queen Latifah moderating was funny as well..especially the Palin flute/talent portion,LOL!!

  2. That was the funniest SNL skit in a while. The little hands were classic!

  3. Anne Hathaway did a fantastic job on the show. She’s one of my favorite guest hosts now!

    My kids loved the “Mark Wahlberg talks to animals” skit.

  4. It’s great to see some real comedy back on SNL instead of the skits aimed at political commentary, which gets so old, even if it was amusing the first time. Kristen Wiig is especially talented and hysterical.

  5. Yeah that’s messed up…. but Anne Hathaway is so pretty!

  6. That was the funniest thing on SNL in a while i think!

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